August 31 through September 6


General Forecast

Starting on Sunday, Saturn begins a two-year plus transit through Virgo. All the earth signs should benefit from the stronger backbone Saturn provides. However, Virgins who have not experienced their own Saturn return, i.e., anyone under 30, may feel overwhelmed by the amount of work laid on their shoulders and the limits placed on their resources. Saturn sets up roadblocks, but it also rewards efforts at overcoming adversity with status and stature. Meanwhile, the rebels among us can have field day on Labor Day while militant Mars provokes a response from unpredictable Uranus. This configuration is one of my earthquake indicators, but that doesn’t mean it’ll happen. Also that day, the sun in Virgo squares generous Jupiter in Sagittarius, a challenge that could empty your coffers. On Wednesday Mercury, leaves critical Virgo for a civilized sojourn through harmony-seeking Libra.


Aries: Mar. 20 – Apr. 19Protesting one injustice or another would be an ideal way to spend Labor Day. While your excitable Mars ruler provokes (and is provoked in return) by unruly Uranus, you’re in an excellent position to raise a helluva’ lot of hell. Be aware that the square relationship between these planets can be dangerous. It’s often associated with a violent disturbance, such as yet another earthquake or, because Mars is in airy Gemini, a plane crash. Should you feel yourself teetering on the edge, stay at home, play nice and play it safe. No sharp tools while you’re this accident-prone.

Taurus: Apr. 20 – May 20

The tough times will seem less so once Saturn, the stern taskmaster, moves into Virgo, an earth sign that’ll be gentler with the Bull than the imperial Lion has been. While the “ordeal by fire” the ringed planet put you through the past two years may have made you stronger and more resilient, enough is enough. The Virgin is discerning, but it also takes pleasure in earthly delights and, not incidentally, it is the sign governing your house of creativity, romance and risk. So maybe you won’t be the consummate libertine.

Gemini: May 21 – Jun. 20

You’re fast approaching a period of heightened creativity based on your ability to envision an ideal and come pretty close to attaining it. (Sorry, nobody is perfect.) While adventurous Mars in your sign urges you to accept the challenge an erratic employer issues, the exchange may also generate more friction than you want to handle. If you know this going into the gig, you could avoid a meltdown. Also this holiday weekend: the urge to splurge, to spend as much money as your mate desires, all in the name of “domestic bliss.”

Cancer: Jun. 21 – Jul. 22

Money matters will continue to vie for your attention but they won’t be so demanding as to crowd out the trivial pursuits you enjoy so much. Or used to before Saturn turned you into a responsible, upstanding citizen. Saturn’s move out of Leo into Virgo this weekend allows for more elbow room, and retrograde Venus’ change of direction next weekend could affect how you feel about your recent financial history. It may take a little while before your house of values and valuables is totally free and clear, but “Oh, what a relief it’ll be!” when that day comes.

Leo: Jul. 23 – Aug. 22

Is the Lion about to trade places with the Crab? Finally, Saturn, the planet that places limits, makes a dramatic exit from your sign this weekend. While the move might be a blessing, the sooner you face the fact that it’s going to be stuck in your Virgo money house for the next 25 months the better. Although this switch doesn’t necessarily mean your income will be restricted, it does suggest that you’re likely to be more conservative about your spending habits. For stylish young Lions attracted to glam and glitter, this could be a serious stumbling block.

Virgo: Aug. 23 – Sep. 22

A big weekend for Virgins who are in the mood to celebrate! The joyful sun in your sign is making you eager to reach out to folks with a modicum of intelligence and humor (gossip counts) to impart. It’s also willing to pay handsomely for the opportunity to share whatever goodies (goodwill included) you’ve managed to accumulate while generous Jupiter has been expanding your domain. Spread the wealth fairly soon, before restrictive Saturn becomes imbedded in Virgo and turns you into a straight-laced, stiff-upper-lipped disciplinarian.

Libra: Sep. 23 – Oct. 22

How you benefit from the creativity let loose when bold-faced Mars in Gemini tweaks imaginative Neptune in Aquarius next week is a puzzle that air signs, like yours, will figure out on your own. I foresee veiled romantic overtures being made, but that’s because the planets involved are playing on your desire to be in love. Playing, on the stage or on the field, is yet another element in this imagined scenario, which, after your Venus ruler comes out of retrograde on the 8th, could turn into the real deal.

Scorpio: Oct. 23 – Nov. 21

The dual nature of the Scorpio native (the Eagle and the Dove) might make everyone who comes in contact with you this weekend confused and infuriated. That’s because both your ruling planets are being challenged; secretive Pluto by a nosy Mercury masquerading as a business associate or fellow club member. Plus, your Mars co-ruler is warding off a surprise attack from Uranus, the planet responsible for sudden shifts in everything from tectonic plates to satellite reception. Try to be cool — no rabble-rousing — this Labor Day.

Sagittarius: Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

Cock-eyed optimists and wild horses often need to be reined in by Saturn, the planet that provides form and function.
For the past two years, while respectable Saturn was in fire-sign friendly Leo, it supported, even rewarded your productivity. However, now that Saturn is in your Virgo midheaven, those efforts may be thwarted. Something crucial to your continuing success will have to be overcome. Let’s hope you’re running for office, because history has shown that the candidate with transiting Saturn on the upswing is the one who usually wins. Big enough war chest?


Capricorn: Dec. 22 – Jan. 20Finally! After two plus years in glamorous Leo, where it’s all about the show, your Saturn ruler makes its long-awaited entrance into Virgo, where it’s more about the nuts and bolts of whatever biz you’re in. While in this compatible earth sign, pragmatic Saturn insures that you develop your “chops” and good name. Your particular expertise could get acknowledged even if you’re still in the process of acquiring it. Don’t expect clear sailing every day, however the fog surrounding some money matters won’t be as dense.

Aquarius: Jan. 21 – Feb. 18

You may already sense that you’re headed for an artistic breakthrough or, if sports is your field, towards some kind of record. Thank energetic Mars in your Gemini house of recreation and creative risk-taking for sending supportive vibes to inspirational, impressionable Neptune in your sign. During this particular trine aspect, the first in two years,
You might discover that envisioning your goal can really help you achieve it. I’m not suggesting you daydream the hours away, simply that you work out the steps that’ll take you where you want to be.


Pisces: Feb. 19 – Mar. 19

If you can remember, or refer back to, what happened in March 2006, the last time Mars in Gemini provoked erratic Uranus in Pisces, you’ll have an idea of what might occur during the next 10 days. Rough-and-tumble Mars in your family and real estate zone tends to make a mess, and when it tests your Pisces planets, the result can be infuriating, harmful or both. Meanwhile partnership arrangements could soon generate significant amounts of prestige by offering the sort of success that goes far beyond the profit motive. What’s up?