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Calling All Dirty Chefs: You Need to be on TV


Are you a fame-hungry cook who loves grossing out your dinner guests by feeding them fermented squid gut fondue or sesame-crusted bull nuts or something? Have you been a little concerned that this might not be enough of a niche for you to travel the world, while becoming rich and famous?

We feel for you, and we’re glad to let you know this could be your moment. A Manhattan-based production company is looking for someone just like you to star on the gastro version of “Dirty Jobs.”


Manhattan-based production company is looking for an aventurous chef or food lover who wants to get their hands dirty tracking down some hard-to-find ingredients.

This new destination cuisine show will explore some very extreme food rituals and follow some bizarre delicacies from harvest to the dinner plate, in the spirit of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs.”

If you are an outgoing, creative, and experienced food lover, please email us with a bio and photo.

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