Trend Alert: Man Perms?


Here’s our chance to beat the Times to declaring a trend. If we could only believe it, we would be telling you that permed fauxhauks are going to be huge for men this fall. Huge!

From Craiglist:

Male Model Wanted for Perm Wave (Think Ryan Phillipe in Studio 54) (Chelsea)


I am a hairdresser working in a high end salon, need to design a profile for the NYTimes about upcoming looks for the fall. One of them is a perm for guys, you should have a reasonably full head of hair, it needs to be 4 inches long all over, it will be cut into a highly textured fauxhauk (longer in the middle short on the sides)

the finished look is like Ryan in Studio 54 (see photo) doesn’t matter if you are blonde or not NO RELAXER previously in your hair, it will fall off

Please call me right away, no money offered but pr exposure and a good cut.