Craig Quits Stalling, At Least As a Senator


He’s resigning. Out of the cloakroom but still in the closet.

Larry Craig says today that he’s leaving the Senate at the end of the month. But before this alleged straight man for alleged humorists goes back to Idaho to pound his spud in obscurity, check out James Hannaham‘s excellent Salon essay, “Why Bathroom Sex is Hot.”

Now, now. Don’t be threatened by this. The sub-headline on Hannaham’s piece explains: “Larry Craig is the latest politician to get caught with his pants down. So what is the eternal allure of sex in a stall, and does it make you gay?”

The answer: Not necessarily.

Hannaham’s piece is funny, but it’s more than just bathroom humor. Maybe you’ll understand Craig and his fellow homophobic, homo-obsessed toe-tappers a little better. Here’s how Hannaham starts it out:

When Idaho Sen. Larry Craig says, “I’m not gay,” I believe him. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t cruising for sex last June when he was arrested in a bathroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport on charges of disorderly conduct.

Surely any homosexual worth his capri pants saw the loopholes in Craig’s televised declaration of non-gayness, amplified by the presence of his wife.