Dumpling Demise: May May to Close this Month


The Times reported on Sunday that the beloved Chinatown bakery/dumpling factory May May will be closing its doors at the end of the month. And it’s not development or waning dumpling appreciation or rent hike — it’s the American Dream backfiring. The three brothers who have been running the shop, basically since they were teenagers, are ready to retire, but their kids aren’t interested in the dumpling life.

“Our second generation is fully educated, so they don’t want to work as hard as their uncles and their father,” said John Hung, 55, the youngest of the brothers. “This is one thing we most regret. We don’t have the young generation to take over.”

Oh man, I bet they feel pretty guilty. Anyway, you’re gonna want to get to May May in the next couple of weeks and pack your freezer with dumplings.

May May
35 Pell Street
(212) 267-0733