Its a Good One: Deep-Fried Cheese Balls


I’m pretty sure that every time anyone has looked at me and said, “Con todo?” I’ve replied with a resounding “Si.” I stopped in at Michelle Deli for my favorite tongue taco last night, and on my way out, was persuaded to eat a little more when the cooks concocted a fresh, deep-fried quesadilla ($4.75).

A couple of guys were crowded around the counter as a young woman pressed masa to make a tortilla , piled stringy white cheese (Oaxaca perhaps) in the center, folded the tortilla over to make what looked like a calzone, pressed down the edges to seal in the goods, and dropped it into the decidedly murky looking deep-fryer.

Clearly, I was moved to imitate those guys. When the hot-pocket emerged, golden from the bubbling fat, and the inevitable question was raised, I was curious as to what “todo” would be, and pleased to discover it was black beans, crema, avocado, lettuce, and cilantro. How could this not be good?

Later, the friend who helped me consume all this was up and feeling a tad regretful. “Did I really need a deep-fried cheese ball after dinner?” he asked. Well, perhaps next time, it will be dinner.

Michelle Deli & Grocery
215 East 116th
(212) 828-9097