And… Exhale, Taco Lovers


We allowed ourselves to feel optimistic about the fate of the Red Hook Ball Field vendors a few weeks ago, but still worried we might jinx it. But today, The Times reports that our huaraches are safe for the remainder of the season (until 10/21).

As for next year, Adrian Benepe seems to have re-cast the fall bidding process, emphasizing community over cash-flow, which is really the only hope for this deliciousness:

The [Parks] department, in a statement, said it is drafting a request for proposals, to be released this fall, for future food vending at Red Hook Park. The request “differs from competitive bidding in that the amount of the bid is not the main criteria for selection,” according to the statement, which added, “Parks will also be looking at a bidder’s prior experience, longstanding community relations, and the variety of cuisine offered, when making a determination.”