Deliciousness Tour Ends Tonight with Red Hook Party


The 摘at Well Guided Tour of America” has been going on since the beginning of August, when Diane Hatz, who founded Sustainable Table, it the road in West Hollywood (in a bio-fueled bus, of course). She’s been touring the country, eating local pies and all the bounty of summer, and tonight the tour culminates in Hudson Valley. Everyone is invited to a barbecue in red Hook (not Brooklyn, but upstate New York), to feast on Berkshire pork and heirloom tomatoes, local cheese, live music, and a pie contest at Gigi Market.

From the press release:

典he Hudson Valley has historically been an important agricultural region, but the loss of farms and farmland has been alarming, as farms and orchards make way for new houses. The Hudson Valley has become a proving ground for sustainability謡ith more communities considering farmland preservation, more farmers developing creative ways to direct market, more artisanal producers and more chefs serving local farm foods. The Eat Well Guided Tour of America brings tremendous attention to this agricultural region,� says Crawshaw, a leader in the sustainable food movement in the Hudson Valley.

Tickets are $20, and directions are here. The party starts at 6:30 and Red Hook is an hour and a half away. If you can’t make it, watch a live webcast here.