Hate Us Or Love Us


Hate Us or Love Us is weekly look at the cyberlove and cyberhate that people show the Voice in that magic place called cyberspace. Bonnie Ruberg compiled this week’s edition. Look for it every Friday.
The New York Post joins Michael Musto in reconsidering the leather men of Cruising.

Meanwhile, Hot Mess at Porky’s, “where your shoes stick to the Jell-O shots on the floor and the go-go boys spazz on the bar,” thanks Musto for the recent shout out.

The Guardian Unlimited remembers a time when it took four Voice critics to effectively trash Bob Dylan’s Renaldo and Clara.

“Labor Day Pains” sends one Voice reader into a fit of Coney Island nostalgia.

Judical Reports is happy to see Tom Robbins’ piece on Noach Dear, especially “given the public apathy towards judicial elections.”

An Art Parade participant proud counts himself among ”the carefully chosen”

And The Carpetbagger Report fears that Wayne Barrett’s “Five Big Lies,” which could “effectively end Giuliani’s presidential ambitions, continues to goe unread in the end-of-summer heat.