Chang Introduces ‘Momo Boxes’ at Ssam Bar


A Chowhound reports on some interesting lunch changes at Momofuku Ssam Bar:

you now need to go to the register & place the order thru that person who then tells the preparer what you ordered. Also, they added Momo Boxes, kinda like their version of a bento box I guess that comes w/one side, pickles & soda. Those boxes run $14-$17. The steamed buns are still $8 for 2 but they replaced the berkshire pork w/pork belly. I asked if they could give me the berkshire pork & they said no problem. I hope & pray they continue to accomodate the switch bc that’s the main reason I go there. Sides are $4 & include Pickles, Kewpie Slaw, Mixed Lettuce Salad, Cold Roasted Cauliflower, Kimchi Granny Smith Apples, Yukun Gold Potato Salad & Chap Chae Noodles. They still have the various Rice Bowls, Steamed Buns & Flour Pancake Ssam’s.