Trend Voting: Colored Denim – Dudes, Fat Chicks? Beyonce?


After seeing an extremely leggy blond work some teal skinny jeans and stilettos at a party recently with much success, we, in Carrie Bradshaw fashion, couldn’t help but wonder. Should we, too, get in on this revival? All signs are pointing to absolutely not since we are neither leggy nor blond nor very willing to wear stilettos. Also, we can’t afford more than one pair of jeans per year, and your only jeans can’t be magenta or lime green.

Still, we polled a group of fashionable acquaintances on your behalf. And here are the results. Please add your two cents, as well.

From the boys:

“No one, ever, under penalty of death. Exceptions include Andre 3000 and…. Well, he’s the only one. Confidential to the sweaty dude working at odin this summer: you look ridiculous.”

“I think they can totally work — if you’re ghetto fabulous or an art student. Also depends, of course, on the color.”

“like early 90s hip hop colored denim? i say yes, kid n play is coming back”

“Only really fat or really skinny people can pull this off.”

“red, green, tan, yellow, yes; but purple no. Always muted, never neon.”

“Do you mean actually going out and buying dye and coloring them yourself or buying grey jeans? Holler.”

And the girls:

“I’m going for it. In purple and blue. But red, esp. paired with cowboy boots, gives me bad Texas-hometown flashbacks.”

“In 7th grade, my friend Dana bought a pair of dark dark green jeans at the Gap. They cost her $40. I found them on the clearance rack two weeks later, for $2.99. I bought them, was thrilled, and then never wore them. Not even once.”

“Colored denim is very cute on boys and girls. Reminds us of second grade. Dont try to look grown up in it. Dont try to sophisticate it cos that would look dumb. No business ladies. Get a kid haircut. put away the shades unless they are plastic. also not good with winter jackets probs.”

“dudes in colored denim = deal breaker”

“I don’t think men should wear colored denim ever even gay men. Skinny girls can wear them but really sickly skinny.”

“only those nostalgic for the 80’s should attempt it and they still will look like they are trying to reclaim there crappy youth- but it does look cute on toddlers.”

“I think it can be ok but it depends on the color. Anyone can wear them: boys, girls, short, tall, fat, skinny.”

“Only for beyonce. Def not ok for dudes”

“black and white can be good. bright colors, not so much, unless you want to look like an extra from a TLC video. ‘ain’t too proud to beg,’ anyone?”