Top Chef: We Love the 90s!



I didn’t hear a word that was said during the Continental kitchen portion of last night’s Top Chef because I was weeping from laughing so hard at the shower caps. Padma fashioned hers like a beret, Hung pulled his down tight and frowned the whole time… Bra-vo indeed.

What’s going on with Casey’s hair? Every time the show cut to her interview, my companions and I sang the “Friends” theme song. Chunky streaks and shelf layers are no longer ignorable. Today, a friend pointed out that all the cheftestants seem to be stuck in the 90s. Malarky’s soul patch and thumb ring are of the “Swingers” variety, though.

It seemed like Tom Colicchio broke out the extra nasty to impress his cool friend Tony. “The hash was gross,” he told Dale. He tried to hide his grin and beaming admiration when Bourdain told Tall Guy that his broccolini wouldn’t have been served in prison. We think the mean girl should just host it himself.

One last thing: the smell of airplane lasagne is enough to make me puke. The idea of recycled air post-sea bass is unimaginable.