Astroland Looking Like History


Looks like the dream is over for Astroland.

Barring a last-minute reprieve from developer Joseph Sitt, Astroland appears to be heading the way of Luna Park. The New York Post reported Friday that the city hasn’t been able to find a new Coney Island home for the beloved 45-year-old amusement park.

“We just couldn’t find the right fit,” Lynn Kelly, president of the city’s Coney Island Development Corp. told the Post.

So it would be up to developer Joe Sitt to give longtime Astroland operator Carol Hill Albert a lease extension for one more summer. That appears unlikely as both sides are millions apart in their negotiations.

As Neil deMause reported in Runnin’ Scared last week:

Recchia also reported that Thor would be willing to meet with Astroland owner Carol Hill Albert to negotiate a new lease. This came as a surprise to Albert, who was at that moment standing a hundred feet away inside the park gates—she hasn’t officially endorsed the Save Astroland campaign, though park employees have helped collect signatures. Albert told the Voice that every time her representatives have met with Thor in the last nine months, the developer’s offer has remained the same: Agree to a rent hike from her current $190,000 a year to $3 million, or get lost.

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