Hate Us or Love Us


One reader suggests that the real meaning of shows like High School Musical 2 is redemption and directs readers to Status Ain’t Hood, saying “if you’ve watched the show already (or even if you haven’t) you should read this story I found in the Village Voice.”

New York magazine’s Daily Intelligencer took a swipe at the logic of a Runnin’ Scared post that analyzed a report about hipsters and domestic migration. Is it that hipsters are just so infuriating that they cloud rational thought or is it just wishful thinking?

Writer Greg Gutfeld in the American Spectator, uses the Siren festival as an excuse to go off on…., well, to just go off. Here’s a taste: “This is the Village Voice personified — pointing fingers at the man, signifying nothing.”

IvyGate deigns to read Rose Jacob’s critical look at the New Yorker festival and finds some parallels between that event and the Ivy League.”

Ear Farm gives props to “The Back Tattoos of McCarren Pool Park.”