Freshman Orientation


When director Bryan Singer caught this movie a couple years ago at Sundance—back when it bore the vastly superior title Home of Phobia—he was sufficiently taken with lead Sam Huntington to cast him as Jimmy Olson in Superman Returns. Yep, it’s been on the shelf that long. Huntington’s potential is clear, even as he’s thrust into a shopworn premise about a college freshman who pretends to be gay so that a sorority babe (Kaitlin Doubleday) will hang out with him. There are other things to like about writer-director Ryan Shiraki’s college comedy, mainly that it feels more real than most: The dorm rooms are tiny, the parties kinda lame, and the students not quite as beautiful as they normally are in the movies. Just one problem: It isn’t particularly funny. Casting John Goodman as a worn-out old queen is a nice touch, though.