September 21 through 28


General Forecast

Is it safe to assume that the villainous Mars-Pluto opposition Friday morning won’t destroy your world, and that you can count on the glorious Venus-Neptune opposition to keep your illusions intact? Especially the ones pertaining to romance, music, art and religion? If we get through another Yom Kippur without another Yom Kippur War, take a moment to celebrate the autumn equinox Sunday morning; 0 Libra, a sacred point on my calendar. Look up, there’s the universally beloved Harvest moon, full in Aries Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday, Mercury enters Scorpio and next Friday Mars moves into Cancer for the duration.

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Aries: Mar. 20 – Apr. 19

Steamy secrets may be revealed, arcane knowledge stumbled upon as your courageous Mars ruler ends its current confrontation with Pluto. For the next few days, gather as much information as you can before Mars abandons Gemini’s many interests and focuses your attention on family members, real estate and food. Once Mars enters Cancer on the 28th, it’ll remain there more or less until May, retrograde from mid-November through January. If you haven’t seen the relatives for some time, a visit during this holiday season would be beneficial.

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Taurus: Apr. 20 – May 20

Before you become too emotional about a financial matter or too passionately involved with a person attached to the matter, try to obtain as much information as you can, particularly data that is not readily available. Next week, when your Venus ruler comes under the spell of sexy, secretive Pluto, it’ll be difficult to differentiate between a normal desire and a bona fide obsession. You may have been flirting with this idea or this person since early July, when Venus first hooked up with Pluto; however, the moment to make your move is fast approaching.

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Gemini: May 21 – Jun. 20

Solar Libra is usually a fun time for the Twins. Having the sun illuminate your house of romance and recreation can make that area of your life vitally important. It’s where the action is. Nevertheless, as long as daredevil Mars is still in your sign, you shouldn’t act with haste or reckless abandon. You don’t want to get a jealous partner worked up enough to exact revenge. Meanwhile, be aware that your Mercury ruler, in Scorpio as of the 27th, turns retrograde on 10/11 for the next three weeks. Plan accordingly.

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Cancer: Jun. 21 – Jul. 22

The Libra-Aries full moon can be a critical point in the Moon Child’s annual odyssey through the zodiac. The emphasis on the four cardinal signs and their mission to initiate action could stress out the more sensitive Crabs among you. Nonetheless, they are often the beneficiaries of a spiritual or psychological payoff the Harvest moon rarely fails to deliver. With this renewed sense of balance you can better manage the surge of physical energy and self-interest you’ll get when Mars enters your sign on the 28th.

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Leo: Jul. 23 – Aug. 22

Magnetic Venus doesn’t officially leave Leo until Oct. 7, but for all intents and purposes, the goddess’ work is done. Perhaps you’ll experience one more episode with a seductive playmate. But will the third and final Venus-Pluto trine validate your desire to avoid temptation or will you finally succumb to the mysterious circumstances surrounding this attraction? A romantic comedy it’s not. Some Lions may get sidetracked chasing down a money matter that the Aries full moon exposes, others might turn into ravenous social animals.

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Virgo: Aug. 23 – Sep. 22

Virgins could find themselves caught between a rock (Saturn in your sign) and a soon-to-be-cushy-place (Venus enters Virgo on 10/7.) Anticipating the pleasures the goddess of love and beauty will bestow may kill some time, but you’d be better off planning how to maximize the benefits that she’ll shower you with before she exits on 11/8. Knowing that your fortunes will improve, if only to make you the flavor of the month for those four weeks, could take the edge off the pressures exerted by an unpredictable partner and a bossy relative.

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Libra: Sep. 23 – Oct. 22

At long last, a healthy dose of planetary energy is about to invigorate your career and your reputation. Better yet, Mars’ transit through your Cancer midheaven will stir things up for a lot longer than its customary six-week transit. Prepare to work your tush off, to attack an assortment of assignments until early May. For those who have been waiting for the starter’s gun to sound so that your race can begin, this is welcome news. But if you want to coast through another season of openings, parties and games, you’re going to miss the boat.

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Scorpio: Oct. 23 – Nov. 21

It’s not too early to learn that Mercury enters your sign on the 27th and turns retrograde on 10/11 for the next three weeks. Make travel plans, buy electronic equipment and repair your ride fairly soon so the retrogression doesn’t become a bigger hassle than necessary. You could cut it close, just be aware that this is one variable you can exercise some control over. Meanwhile your Mars co-ruler also changes signs, entering Cancer, a nurturing water sign on the 28th for far longer (seven months) than the customary six weeks.

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Sagittarius: Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

Isn’t it romantic; if not, it should be. What? The famous Harvest moon up in the sky, bringing you the loving you haven’t had since June or July. This is the first action your Aries house of romance has seen since spring, so make the most of whatever opportunity comes your way. The Ram is traditionally the Centaur’s good buddy, glad to provide a well-timed push from behind. However, while the sun transits sociable, agreeable Libra, you should have plenty of invitations to keep your dance card filled up.

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Capricorn: Dec. 22 – Jan. 20

Cardinal sign alert! All four primary movers and shakers in the cosmic zoo tend to go through changes whenever the sun enters one of your signs or, like this week, a full moon hooks up two of them. While your Libra career house and Aries family zone are illuminated by the sun and the moon, you can’t avoid the challenge this opposition presents. But help is on the way, thanks to forceful Mars, the ruler of Aries, entering Cancer, the sign of your cosmic mate, the next day. No need to call on the militia, an ally or partner will do.

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Aquarius: Jan. 21 – Feb. 18

All the air signs have a good time during solar Libra, what with so much camaraderie in the air and invitations to social events. However Aquarians, who frequently need their friendships to live, seem to thrive best. For those who were born in February, the Libra-Aries full moon might bring up a financial situation that didn’t wind up as an April Fools’ prank. If that happens, make sure there are no loose ends, especially once Mercury is in your Scorpio career house attending to the small print. It’s there through Thanksgiving.

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Pisces: Feb. 19 – Mar. 19

Help is on the way, and on two fronts! Whether or not you’re in dire straits, Fish are about to benefit from two major changes in the planetary picture. Right after the Harvest moon works its legendary magic, Mercury enters water-sign friendly Scorpio where it’ll remain, more or less, through November. The next day, energetic Mars enters Cancer, the compatible water sign governing your house of romance, recreation and risk, where it’ll maintain your interest in pursuing those objectives until early May. Enjoy!

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