In This Week’s Voice: Pink Naked, Lou Reed in Tie-Dye, Bryan Adams Alive


Note to all “Where Are They Now?” segment producers: Bryan Adams is now a professional photographer who’s shot Brian Wilson, Queen Elizabeth, Tony Blair, and Pink in the buff.

He’s been in the rock-and-roll hall of fame for over a decade, so it seems Lou Reed’s been bored with musical accolades and keeps on auditioning for the Hall of Patronizing Motherfuckers. So naturally in the same weekly-news cycle we get him fawning over Amanda Petrusich’s last name and engaging Voice doyenne Lynn Yaeger in a conversation about cosmetics. . . and only cosmetics. For this week’s puppy trainer, Yaeger went over to meet Reed while he hung “Visions of Rock”—a vanity show of Mark Seliger-curated photos shot by marquee-name musicians (Patti Smith, Michael Stipe, Lenny Kravitz)—and found the Syracuse grad in jeans, a tie-dyed T-shirt, and BS do-not-disturb concentration. Yaeger writes:

[W]hen I first arrive, we chat inanely about my lipstick for a few minutes. Little do I know that this is the longest conversation we will have. He blows me a kiss from across the room, and that’s totally it until he finally gives in to collective pleading and toddles over. Here are his remarks in full:

“I love the photos of Mark Seliger, in the first place. I worked with him before; I wrote the forward to his book. I love all the musicians and their photography. I mean, I like what they sing and what they photograph—these are all overachievers. Don’t miss Lou Reed’s Berlin, coming to the Tribeca Film Festival! Bye-bye.”

Should you want to see the actual print of Pink topless, “Visions of Rock” runs through November 4 at 401 Projects. Bye-bye.

“Talk to Me, Lou” by Lynn Yaeger

“Visions of Rock” photo, Melissa Auf Der Mar

“Visions of Rock” photo: Michael Stipe

“Visions of Rock” photo: Perry Farrell