New York’s Best Pork


The Chowhounds weigh in today on a very worthy subject: where to eat pork around town. The pig has been enjoying a major comeback for a few years now, but it still warms our hearts to see that the meat once ostracized for being fatty, and then hyped for its leanness (“the other white mean”) has been restored, at least by some, to its rightful glory.

I remember wondering if I would ever eat a non-dry pork chop, if I would ever really know what pork used to taste like, before pigs started to be raised for leanness. Meat without fat is meat without taste, and it’s a real tragedy.

The hounds heap praise on Momofuku, of course, and Eleven Madison Park, Little Owl, Minca, Peter Luger, New York Noodletown, the Spotted Pig, and many more, including some Chinatown spots and some Cuban. For the record, the pork pictured above is available only at my mom’s house. Sorry.