Joy of Sake Brings up Painful Memories


The Joy of Sake, the biggest sake tasting event outside of Japan, according to the website, takes place on Thursday night at the Puck building. That website, by the way, is horrifying. I thought gunshots were ringing out in the web office. It’s kind of a motley crew over here, but not exactly the heat-packing type.

Some of the participating restaurants are Nobu, Megu, 15 East, Sakagura, and WD-50. Tickets are $75 online, but $90 at the door. Please report back if you go!

I went to the Puck building once, when my 7th grade boyfriend had his black-tie bar mitzvah there. I wore a very cute dress that had cost my sister $10 at Domsey, and my bitchy friends told everyone, as if I had disrespected him by not getting my mom to spend $400 at Betsey Johnson. Jews are weird. Then I had to slow dance with the boyfriend, who believed he had become a man, while some guy videotaped us. I’d rather drink sake.