Sean Bell Shooting Victim Arrested in Queens


Trent Benefield leaves the hospital last year with Al Sharpton.

Trent Benefield, who was injured last November in the police shooting that left Sean Bell dead on the morning of his wedding, was arrested in Queens last night for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, police said.

Benefield, 24, of Sutphin Boulevard in Jamaica, allegedly punched his baby-mama, Nyla Page-Walthrus, in the face during an argument that got physical, police said. He was arraigned in Queens Criminal Court Wednesday afternoon on charges of third-degree attempted assault and second-degree harassment. He also faces charges for operating a vehicle without a license. He was ordered released on his own recognizance.

From a press release from Queens District Attorney Richard Brown:

According to the charges, at approximately 9:30 p.m. on September 25, 2007, Benefield was sitting in the driver’s seat of a 2007 Honda Pilot, slowly backing the vehicle up in front of 123-65 147th Street while arguing with the mother of his child, Nyla Page-Walthrus, 19, who was standing beside the car. It is alleged that Benefield then punched Ms. Page-Walthrus in the face through the open car window and struck her with the car door as he opened it. Once out of the car, Benefield allegedly slapped Ms. Page-Walthrus in the head and grabbed her by the throat before shoving her twice in the chest.

Benefield was hospitalized last November when cops fired 50 shots at a car driven by Sean Bell, who was celebrating his bachelor party at Kalua Cabaret on the eve of his wedding. Three officers were indicted in the shooting in March and await trial.

The Voice analyzed the shooting and its aftermath in January.

From that piece:

In the days following the shooting, even as city officials were assuring community and religious leaders of a fair and thorough investigation, the three men’s criminal records, including some sealed juvenile cases, were leaked to the press in what their attorneys said was an effort to “dirty up the victims.” Police raided apartments in the complex where one of the men lives and another used to hang out. As many as a dozen friends and acquaintances were taken into custody and questioned. Police officials claim any arrests in what some describe as a “parallel investigation” were coincidental. It was an attempt at spin that spun out of control.

We’re putting in a call to Benefield’s attorney. Stay tuned.