Sietsema Finds the Best Tacos in Queens! Maybe!


It’s a Sietsema double-header this week. Our Man’s been busy, not just eating mustard oil in Jackson Heights, but leading a parade of taco enthusiasts (although he also let some vegetarians come, because he’s nice) on a search for Roosevelt Avenue’s best tacos.

Our Man and his 13-man (and woman) gang walked beneath the 7 train with clipboards in hand, gorging themselves for our sake. And among many good finds, there was once especially special cart:

Nothing that had gone before prepared us for Tacos Morelos. When we first saw this cheerful, gleaming cart at the corner of 94th Street, we noticed that one of the proprietors was wielding a tortilla press, making fresh tortillas for each new order… As far as I know, this is the only place in town you can get food from Morelos.

It looks like it’s time to hop on the old 7 train, people.