En Suite Parking: The Ultimate in Suburban Manhattan Living


Welcome to New York City in the New Gilded Age.

In this week’s Voice, Tom Robbins takes a look at a new construction project in Chelsea that’s just one example of the “age we live in, where the excesses of conspicuous consumption offend at every turn.”

The building, 200 Eleventh Avenue, features en suite parking, meaning the captains of industry who will live there can just drive their Hummers right into their building, get on an elevator and park their FUVs right next to their apartment. The building’s web site has an disgusting video explaining how it all works.

From the Robbin’s piece:

Could even the Great Trump top this?

The answer is no, or he would have done so already. Everyone knows that the will to privacy is greatest among the rich, and the in-house garage concept offers something priceless—no more nodding to the doorman, no more waiting on sleepy garage attendants, no more worrying about some klutz scratching the Beemer. The idea must have struck the designers of 200 Eleventh Avenue like a bolt of lightning: suburban-style attached garages in the city! McMansions stacked high into Manhattan airspace!