Top Chef: Not Live Blogging


Eric Ripert is kind of scary when you run into him in the woods with a trout and a cast iron skillet.

The producers seem to be focusing on making us like Hung, with all that immigrant talk, but then, for some reason, he’s supposed to want to help his rivals cook? We love Hung, but the audience, or at least the freaks who actually take online polls at, want him eliminated.

Did Padma really just hit a triangle and yell “Come and get it!”?

Aw, Malarks felt like he “really killed it”. That’s sad.

Is Dale crying? He’s been reborn? He fucks cowboys? Ick.

Wow, the chefs are really beaming with love for these guys, except Malarks. Padma lied, as always. It was not a hard decision.

I can’t wait to see Hung’s Vietnamese soul.

Casey is still going to win, right?

And yes, Rocco is back next week! Holler.