Bad Beef Eyed in Staten Island E. Coli Case


City health officials are asking that New Yorkers toss out all Topps beef hamburgers because of two possible cases of E. Coli contamination. Authorities are probing two illnesses on Staten Island that may be related to 21 million pounds of beef recalled by Topps this weekend. A Staten Island woman and her daughter both became ill after consuming Topps beef though the illnesses have not yet been definitively linked to the beef.

In New York state, there have been seven cases of E. coli linked to the Topps meats and 25 nationwide.

According to the Staten Island Advance, Brianna DiMartini, 12, suffered severe pain and bleeding after eating the Topps burger with her family.

“It’s the worst feeling in the world, to see your kid in pain, and not being able to take the pain from them,” her father said.
The DiMartinis didn’t realize E.coli was the cause until they spoke to their pediatrician, Dr. Henry Purow, who mentioned the Topps recall. So they checked the package, and found that the USDA number was the same as the meat being recalled, DiMartini said.