The Vendy Awards: Dosa Man Rules, Finally


This year, we failed to make it to the Vendy Awards before the food started running out, but we were there to cheer for the Dosa Man, Thiru Kumar, when he finally won first place. It was a touching moment, because Kumar has been a finalist each year (this was the third). In the Vendy Award program, Kumar says there are some things he still misses about Sri Lanka. “I love the water, and my best memories are of swimming in the ocean that surrounds Sri Lanka. I still love to swim, and now I go on Long Island at Jones Beach, which is almost as good.”

Aw, Dosa Man. If you’ve never visited him in Washington Square Park (Washington Square South & Sullivan Street), uh, you’re a weirdo. Also, stay tuned for Michael Musto’s take on the event. He was a judge, and announced the winner.