Musto Goes to the Vendys, Finds no Hot Dogs


Another one of Our Men, Michael Musto, steps into the food world this week. On Saturday, he was one of the judges — and the one to announce the winner at the Vendy Awards. Here’s what he had to say:

Street vendors of all nations gathered in Tompkins Square Park last Saturday for the Vendy Award finals, which I judged while trying to maintain a waist. I expected piles of hot dogs, but instead was lavished with ox tails, soy drumsticks, and something even the vendor couldn’t identify. The best attitude belonged to the taco lady who, when I announced myself as a judge, ballsily served someone else first. She left before the proceedings were even finished, and fellow judge Mo Roca swore she’d been carted out by immigration, though it was probably just Bill O’Reilly. The top winner was Thiru “Dosa Man” Kumar from NY Dosas, who vowed to keep not killing animals.

He told me the Dosa Man had been his personal favorite. Meanwhile, why does Mo Roca still exist? Bleah. Check out lots of cool photos of the festivities, which included dancing girls, here.