Phillie Phanatic Shoots Mister Met


Conan O’Brien sums up the futility of the entire Mets season in this 95-second clip.

In this week’s Voice, Allen Barra investigated the how and the why of the Mets meltdown:

In retrospect, what happened this September was a bomb that waited all season long to drop.

The Mets’ team ERA was a respectable 3.91 before the All-Star game and an Ian McShane–ugly 4.68 in the second half. And most of that difference was the bullpen: 3.73 in the first half (not far from last year’s seasonal mark) and 4.65 since. The most spectacular implosion, of course, was Billy Wagner, with an ERA of 1.64 before the break and a whopping 3.54 since. The likely explanation is that 36 birthdays—13 of them in uniform—have taken a yard off Billy’s heater.