Top Chef Upset: So Not Upsetting!


So, all has been revealed. Padma apparently wore the same Footloose dress for a full month while the final three bit their nails and Casey clutched to fame by a thin, thin thread, knowing she had blown it. Hung is the greatest immigrant hero of our time. Rocco grew some stubble and has perhaps managed a true come-back. Bravo, you have done us well. Sure, there may have been a few too many ingredients in this final dish (celebrity sous chefs = genius, Malarks at the table = whatever) but who cares?

Oh God! What will we do now that it’s over? These “soulful” dinners we prepare every night will soon be nothing more than poor people slop. This wretched slum already looks more sad than “honest.” Is there going to be a reality show about what the cast of a reality show does after the reality show is over?? When does that start? Help me.

Well, at least we will be back in a bit with sous chef Rocco’s perspective on things…