Analyzing the Gotbaum Police Report


Carol Gotbaum with her youngest son Tobias in and undated photo.

Phoenix New Times blogger Stephen Lemons dug in to the Phoenix police department’s 80-plus page report on the death of Carol Gotbaum, the step daughter-in-law of Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, who died mysteriously in a holding cell in a Phoenix airport last Friday, and had this to say:

The phone transcripts do not indicate that this info about Carol Gotbaum’s mental state was passed on to anyone. Weirdly, the transcripts do indicate the communications person ordering Chinese food between calls from Noah Gotbaum. “I’ll have some spring rolls with that,” the communications person says, right before Gotbaum calls again. This is after Carol’s death, it seems, and this communications dillweed is focused on his friggin’ spring rolls.