Now Hiring: Josh DeChellis, Adam Shepard, Steve of Key Lime Pie Fame


Nizza, a Hells Kitchen enoteca, is staffing up for an opening next week. “Our staff will need to be the life of the party.” They will also need to be totally unemployed and desperate, because training starts in a few days.

No Michelin star Craft opens for lunch next week and Tom is looking for more front- and back-of house staff.

A self proclaimed “major New York City restaurant organization” plans to open a 200-seat Mediterranean restaurant in Midtown in January and the executive chef will be making six-figures.

Steve Tarpin, of Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie in Red Hook, is looking for a neighborhood type who wants a part-time day job that does not take place in the office. Some bonuses would be a lack of dog allergies, and “a tolerance of cigarette smoke, middle-aged fishermen and BBQs.” Fuck! Is this my calling Are you there, God?

A new restaurant is opening in the Lower East Side and apparently, they’re looking for a head chief and a sous-chief. Also, they’re gonna need a medicine man specializing in Southern cuisine.

Josh DeChellis is in need of some hot, oily assistance at BarFry. In other words, they’re looking for staff in all positions.

Thor needs a pastry chef.

Adam Shepard is looking for line cooks and a sous chef for the new Lunetta, which will take over the Mayrose spot on 21st Street. He also needs a cook at the original Lunetta on Smith Street.