Guess the Yankee Aliases and Win a Prize


Which Yankee used the name Bruce Lee as a hotel alias in 2005?

In the excitement over our roundup of Yankee hotel aliases from 2005 — the Daily News, for one, was so excited it neglected
to cite us
as the original source of this material — the Voice left out a handful of lesser lights whose chosen pseudonyms we jotted down from Parks Department files. So we decided to revisit the issue and make a little game out of it.

The fake names in question:

Johnny Blaze
Davey Crockett
Bruce Lee
Randy White

The first reader to successfully identify all four mystery Yankees—heck, the first to even get three right, given that there’s very little rhyme or reason to these—in the comments section wins a prize.

The prize? A copy of the expanded edition of my book Field of Schemes, due out next spring, which includes an all-new chapter on New York’s recent stadium/arena battles

Hints: None of the four are with the team any longer; three are players, one a coach.

(Also, one correction: As The Smoking Gun, among others, has pointed out, Alex Rodriguez was on this hotel bill, under the alias “Alex Emanuel,” his first and middle names. The road trip where he stayed at a separate hotel was a different one—mea culpa.)