WTF: A Six-Pack of Bud is $12.99 in Brooklyn Heights!


Maybe you don’t listen to NPR show while you’re wandering around in your underwear drinking coffee in the late morning, but lucky for you, we do. Today, Brian Lehrer announced the results of his most recent “crowdsourcing” or “group-journalism” project, which was very much like our own occasional feature, Price-Check. We love crowdsourcing, by the way.

For Lehrer’s “Are You Being Gouged?” segment, 350 listeners checked the prices for a six-pack of Bud, a head of iceberg lettuce, and a quart of milk, and he and some economist outed the price-gougers. The highest and lowest prices are on the website, but let’s sum it up for you: Garden of Eden is crazy expensive, Fairway is the greatest place ever, and convenience stores are not where you get bargains. Also, poor neighborhoods don’t necessarily have cheaper prices either.

Do you get certain items at certain stores? Do share.

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