A Briny Love Connection: Whole Foods and Wheelhouse Pickles


We recently caught up with our old friend, the pickler Jon Orren. When we first met him, the Brooklynite had just taken the leap away from normal life and toward entrepreneurship and the endless preserving of fruits and vegetables. A year and a half later, he has four employees, a commercial kitchen, and tomorrow, Wheelhouse, his line of pickled beets, pears, okra, etc. hits Whole Foods Bowery.

Orren will be in the store for a tasting in the afternoon, if you need help choosing between brines. ($8.99/16 ounces). The store will also carry Wheelhouse’s Minor Threat sauce, made from milder habaneros grown specifically for Orren, who wanted the classic West Indian flavor without the overwhelming taste-bud fire. ($6.99/8 ounces)

In addition, Wheelhouse will make its Union Square Greenmarket debut next Monday (10/22), and will be there every Monday thereafter (so as not to compete too directly with Rick’s Picks).