CMJ: Black Kids at the Annex, Day 3 Photos, 10.18.07


photos by Rebecca Smeyne

William Bowers on Black Kids upcoming full-length:

OMFG, preview of the non-EP tracks: “I Wanna Be Your Limousine” features a guitar solo that serendipitously quotes the vox of a certain Klaxons hit and ends with the Wicked Witch Of The West guardsmen chant. “Magnificent Seven” eerily rubs early Electric Six up against The Dead Milkmen’s “Lucky.” Don’t you know that “Look At Me When I Rock With You” and the also-imperative “Listen To Your Body Tonight” rise above their dumbish come-ons via the mysterious tension created by the enigma of whether or not their hetero call-n-responses involve lead vocalist Reggie Youngblood’s sister and Black Kids keyboardist/ovarist, Ali. If so, wow: they totally one-upped the White Stripes’ winky incest-play, like an Oedipus and Electra tag-team getting rid of their parents so they can attend exclusively to each other. “Body” even (Southernly) taps into the soft-porn contradictions of a church car wash by swearing “on the Bible” that a hot hookup will be worth investiture.

Black Kids play this afternoon at the R Bar, 4:45 pm. Get there early, it’s gonna be packed.