The Charges Are Dropped!


Do Jim Larkin, Village Voice Media chief executive, and Michael Lacey, VVM executive editor, look worried about publishing a story about Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s staggering misuse of a grand jury? Nah.

Arizona authorities called off Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s witch hunt on Friday, dismissing the case against the Phoenix New Times and firing the special prosecutor who oversaw the gross miscarriage of justice and outrageous abuse of power.

Village Voice Media Executive Editor Michael Lacey and VVM chief officer Jim Larkin took a gamble when they wrote and published a story in the New Times, Breathtaking Abuse of the Constitution, about Arpaio’s abuse of grand jury and subpoena power in effort to silence the paper. And while it landed them in jail, they were ultimately vindicated.

From the Arizona Republic:

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas announced Friday afternoon that he was dismissing the case against New Times and that no charges would be pursued against the editors and writers involved in the case.

Thomas also said he was dismissing special prosecutor Dennis Wilenchik, who had pursued the case on the county’s behalf.

Thomas said that mistakes were made, that the case had been grossly mishandled and that he was uncomfortable with where the case had gone.