It’s a Good One: Chinese Funnel Cake Fish


If you close your eyes and take a deep whiff of Ren Ren Restaurant’s “pepper and salt fish ($11.95), you will not think of a school of tiny fish who got caught in some hot oil. Rather surprisingly, you are more like to think state fair. The fish (we were unable to verify what kind of fish these are) are salty and peppery, but the puffy batter is exactly like what you would find at a carnival, and we thought we detected a pinch of clove in there too. Somehow, the slight sweetness works perfectly. We happily popped many of these babies in, and washed them down with beer, drunk from a tiny shot glass that the waitress brought over. This was endlessly hilarious to us, because we have no life. Oh, and the best part: Ren Ren, which is in Sunset Park, is open until 3:30 AM every day.

Ren Ren Restaurant
5318 Eighth Avenue
Sunset Park
(718) 633-3383