Croation Neo-Nazi Rocker To Perform in Midtown


In this photo taken from a white supremacist message board, a young fan gives Thompson a “salute” at a concert.

By Maria Luisa Tucker

Marko Perkovic is taking the stage November 2nd to literally sing praises of the Holocaust.

The Croatian rocker goes by the stage name Thompson (for the American-issued Thompson sub-machine gun he carried as a soldier in the Croatian war)—and sings about the Ustaše, the Croation pro-Nazi regime that sent Jews, Serbs and Gypsies to concentration camps during WWII. The folk-metal musician is often greeted by audiences with a Nazi salute. He’s been kicked out of Canada and the Netherlands for hate speech, only to be welcomed by Manhattan’s own Croatian Center in Midtown.

Surprisingly, Thompson is not totally embraced by American neo-Nazis, who’d rather berate Jews, blacks and Hispanics than Serbs. Earlier this year, when Thompson announced his plans to perform in Vancouver, a Canadian racist tried to set the record straight for his fellow haters on, an international message board for white supremacists:

“Thompson isn’t a neo-Nazi band; they are Croatian Nationalists whose songs focus on their love for Croatia, the Croatia people, and their religion. Their songs also focus on their hatred of the Serbian people, another proud White race… Thompson drew heavy criticism—and rightfully so—for their recording of Jasenovac i Gradiška Stara. Now, my Croatian is a little rusty, but I believe the song is a tribute to a WWII slaughter of Serb troops in the Balkans.”

The Canadian, whose screen name is option_violence, made it clear that this kind of white-on-white genocide is not welcome:

“I do not support them or their music if all it will do is continue to create divisions between the different white nations, namely the Croats and the Serbs.”

Yes, because obviously that’s just wrong.

The New York Sun reported this morning that the concert is already sold out and sales for a second performance are under way. Protesters will certainly be there—Jews, Serbs and, just maybe, a few white supremacists.