New African/Jamaican Comes to Clinton Hill


At Mariam restaurant, which opened less than two weeks ago in Clinton Hill, there seem to be several chefs, representing several countries. Among them, Senegal, Kenya, Guinea, and soon, Jamaica. We sampled the lunch menu, which features West African dishes, the other day, and very much enjoyed the Suppa Kandja (“okra sauce,” $8), a palm oil-happy lamb stew with smoked fish and okra. The fish was acting mostly in its salty capacity, and the okra, which had cooked down to an indiscernible sludge, was serving mostly as a thickener.

Starting next week, Mariam will be open for breakfast, which will include an omelette with peas, a chicken sandwich, and other basics, and they will start putting the Jamaican chef, who seemed slightly bored, to work as well. He’ll be serving traditional dishes like ackee and salt fish and jerk chicken. They will also be open until 4AM soon. This is the sister restaurant to Salimata on Eighth Avenue and 115th Street.

Mariam Restaurant
975 Fulton Street
Clinton Hill
(718) 398-3930

Salimata Restaurant
2132 Eighth Avenue
(212) 280-6980