National Mobilization Against the War


On Saturday, concerned patriots will take to the streets of eleven cities across the nation as part of United for Peace and Justice’s National Day of Mobilization against the war. The New York march begins at 23rd Street, where people will gather starting at noon, and ends at Foley Square near City Hall.

From UPJ:

  • Rally at 12 noon
  • Assemble on Broadway, south of 23rd Street (Please use 23rd St. subway stations)
    March at 1:00 p.m.
  • 2 Minutes of Silence to Honor those who have died – 2:45 p.m.
  • Peace and Justice Fair in Foley Square (at the end of the march) – 2:00 – 5:30 p.m.United for Peace and Justice’s friends at the NYPD issued the advisory, which the department is calling its “best bets” (read it after the jump.) And remember to look your best because the NYPD will be watching and filming.

    From the NYPD:

    The New York City Police Department has issued parade and sound device permits for United for Peace and Justice’s “National Mobilization” against the war, Saturday, October 27, 2007.

    Participants who want to be near the front of the march should arrive early and approach Broadway from cross-town streets between 18th and 22nd Streets.

    The front of the parade will form at 17th Street and Broadway and Union Square.

    After a pre-march really at noon, the march itself is scheduled to step off on Broadway and 17th Street at Union Square at 1 p.m. on Saturday, and proceed south on Union Square East into Broadway and onto Worth Street, where the march will turn east to Foley Square.

    In addition to closing the main march route to vehicular traffic, the New York City Police Department will close to vehicular traffic the side streets between 17th Street and 22nd Street, between Park Avenue South and 7th Avenue.

    These side streets will be reserved as feeder lines into the main march down Broadway. The organizers are expected to assign groups that want to march together to specific side streets.

    Police officers and UPJ volunteers will direct marchers to the next street north if feeder streets fill to capacity.

    Again, the best bet for being near the front, is to arrive early and enter Broadway from the feeder streets, 18th to 22nd Streets from Park Avenue South on the east and 7th Avenue on the west.

    Another best bet: To avoid congestion at the 14th Street subway stops, go to the 23rd Street subway stations or subway stations farther north and get to the feeder streets from there.

    Charter buses will drop participants on the west side of 7th Avenue between 18th and 22nd Streets. Once emptied of passengers, the charter buses will proceed to the pickup locations near the march’s terminus. After the march, returning passengers will find their charter buses parked on both sides of Church Street between Worth Street and White Street and on both sides of 6th Avenue between Church Street and Canal Street.

    Reminder: Signs may be carried on cardboard poles, but no wood or metal is permitted.