DiFara’s: Superhuman Hands


On Saturday, EfV took a little trip to DiFara’s, where we spent an hour watching Domenico De Marco drizzle pour a lot of olive oil on a lot of dough. Periodically, the place filled with smoke and everyone cried a little, but we hung in there. De Marco’s fastidiousness has been well documented. He checks and re-checks each pie, he doesn’t exactly multitask, and it’s all worth it. But we were absolutely amazed by one thing in particular: his asbestos hands. That man can pull a square pie out of the oven, which must be about 800 degrees, with his bare hands. We saw this happen many times (no, he was not wearing gloves). He reaches in and hooks two fingers over the edge of the pan, pulls it to the edge of the rack, then picks up the corner of the pie to see how the bottom is browning. Last night, we made some tea and filled our cup too high. It was practically a disaster. Perhaps 40 years of practice are in order!

1424 Avenue J
(718) 258-1367