The Governator Says the Weed-Smoke is Not a Drug


Pumping Iron is one of the funniest movies ever made. If not for Arnold smoking a joint and talking about “cumming,” then for bodybuilders Mike Katz and Brooklyn’s own Louis Ferrigno, son of an NYPD lieutenant Check it out.

Marijuana is not a drug, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger told a writer for the British edition of GQ. The remarks naturally sent the governator’s press secretary into a tizzy, calling the comments a joke.

“That is not a drug. It’s a leaf,” Schwarzenegger told GQ, according to the Associated Press. “My drug was pumping iron. Trust me.”

Press secretary Aaron McLear said:

“I think it’s important to keep that quote in the context of the environment where it was said. Of course, the governor understands marijuana is a drug. It’s like when he goes on Leno or the Daily Show, if you took something like that out of context, it might seem shocking but it was in a silly entertainment context.”

Not trying to play gotcha here because Arnold has a right to joke around as much as the next guy, but doesn’t it sounds like a case of the truth being often said in jest?