Get to the Greenmarket, Stat!


We don’t make it a goal to sound like your mom over here at EfV, but if you have a chance to swing by the Union Square Farmer’s Market today, you really don’t want to miss it, Sweetie. When the seasons overlap, we get the biggest days at the market, like right now, corn is still hanging on by a thread, all kinds of tiny potatoes are around, plus every sort of leafy green (wild arugula! Russian kale!), not to mention Brussels sprouts, Jerusalem artichokes, fresh young garlic, peppers in every color of the rainbow, gourds of all kinds, and apples. In fact, we broke down and had our first apple of the season: a big, crunchy Stayman Winesap from Breezy Hill Orchards. But to keep the dream alive, we’re thinking corn chowder this weekend. So there.