Voice’s Robbins Subpoenaed in DeVecchio Trial


Greg Scarpa Sr. and his moll Linda Schiro, who is now the Brooklyn DA’s star witness against an FBI agent accused of going to the dark side.

Lawyers for both the defense and prosecution subpoenaed Village Voice staff writer Tom Robbins Tuesday night after the Voice published a story by Robbins that calls in to question key testimony of a star witness against Lindley DeVecchio, a former FBI agent accused of helping the mob commit murder.

In 1997, Robbins and Jerry Capeci, the city’s most knowledgeable organized crime reporter, interviewed Linda Schiro, the former companion of Greg “the Grim Reaper” Scarpa, for a book about her life with one of the mob’s deadliest killers.

In those interviews, Schiro contradicted testimony she gave over two days on the stand when she said DeVecchio had a hand in four mob murders. When she talked with Robbins and Capeci, she said that DeVecchio indeed did have a role in the murder of Patrick Porco, an 18-year-old slain in Brooklyn in 1990. But she told the reporters in 1997 that DeVecchio did not have a role in the three other murders.

As the Daily News put it, “The Tapes May Tell a Different Story.” Robbins told the News “The story that Linda Schiro told us in three of four of the murders is diametrically opposed to the testimony she is giving in court. She’s lying to somebody.”

Robbins reported to court this morning with his notes and his lawyer. Stay tuned.