It’s a Good One: Half-Real Tacos Near Pratt



Last night, Eva Mendes told Jay Leno about how she loves tacos, but not “real tacos.” She has a thing for the big, gross tacos at Jack in the Box, which we have never sampled, so will not comment on. But we did like her for admitting it.

Incidentally, EfV just stumbled upon a spot that may bridge the gap between “real” and, shall we say, American-style tacos. Chinantla is a deli on Myrtle Avenue we pass by all the time. When we finally investigated, the place looked so dingy inside that even we had our doubts (and dingy is like, our whole shit!). But the chicken taco and the pork taco, which was heavily spiced, were quite delicious.

They were adorned in the traditional style — chopped onions, cilantro, lime, a dollop of thin avocado sauce, and radishes, with hot jalapeno/tomatillo/cilantro sauce on the side. There was no shredded melty cheese and no sour cream, but the tacos were overstuffed, agreeably salty, and dripping with fantastically tasty grease. We imagine this goes over well with the Pratt students nearby. And even though these tacos are, in a sense, super-sized, they still go for the traditional $2 each.

657 Myrtle Avenue
Clinton Hill/Bed-Stuy
(718) 222-1719