Phoenix Police Release New Gotbaum Video and Husband’s Calls


Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum called Phoenix police on the day of her step-daughter-in-law’s death and asked them to use Carol Gotbaum’s maiden name to shield the family from unwanted publicity, according to a new report released by the Phoenix Police Department.

The 45-year-old Carol Gotbaum broke down several times during the flight from New York to Phoenix to attend rehab and may have ordered a Bloody Mary, according to new eyewitness accounts contained in 200-pages of documents surrounding the Gotbaum’s mysterious death in a Phoenix airport holding cell on September 28.

But the Arizona Republic reports that other eyewitness accounts contained in the report say that Gotbaum did not consume any alcohol during the flight.

Phoenix authorities also released new videotape of Gotbaum’s arrest and audio files of Gotbaum’s husband Noah’s frantic phone calls to the airport inquiring about his wife, which Phoenix New Times writer Stephen Lemons thoughtfully posted to his site.

The questions remain: Does it matter how many drinks, if any, Gotbaum had on the flight? We think not. Would that somehow excuse that this woman died in custody? And isn’t it a tad bit callous of Public Advocate to request that her dead daughter-in-law’s maiden name be used no matter how harsh the glare of the media spotlight might be?