The Schiro Tapes


These are the extracts of tape recordings of interviews of Linda Schiro by Voice reporter Tom Robbins and mob writer Jerry Capeci back in March of 1997 that caused the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office today to dismiss murder charges against former FBI agent R. Lindley DeVecchio.

Tape 1:
Schiro discusses the murder of Lorenzo Lampasi, a Colombo crime family soldier, gunned down in 1992 by Greg Scarpa Sr. and his gang. On the witness stand, Schiro claimed that DeVecchio—at Scarpa’s insistence—gave the mobster Lampasi’s home address and work schedule. On the tapes Schiro said that it was Scarpa’s niece who provided the information.

Tape 2:,
A week later, Schiro was again asked about Lampasi. On the witness stand, Schiro said she recalled Lampasi sending Scarpa a letter accusing him of being “a rat.” But when Schiro was asked about it in 1997, she said she’s never heard of the letter. “No, I told you about Greg’s niece,” Schiro responded.

Tape 3:
Amid a clicking of chinaware and the pouring of coffee, Schiro talked about the murder of Joseph “Joe Brewster” DeDomenico, a member of Scarpa’s crew whacked in 1987. On the witness stand this week, Schiro said it was information gathered by DeVecchio that prompted Scarpa to kill his old friend. Back in 1997, however, Schiro remembered Joe Brewster fondly. And when she was asked if DeVecchio had anything to do with it, said “No.”