Mosaic Man Leaves East Village for Brooklyn


Fed up with the gentrification of the East Village, Jim “The Mosaic Man” Power has packed it up and decamped to Brooklyn, reports. No word on whether he’ll be bringing his street beautification to the streets of Kings County or whether commute back to his old ‘hood to continue his street art campaign.

Eric Fererra writes:

Jim Power was just one of the many casualties of this gentrification. I have had many discussions with Jim about this very topic. How can you not be bitter when you are an overlooked pioneer and the new population does not appreciate you? When you can not afford to live in a neighborhood you helped identify? When the very streets you have bled on and slept on are lined with fashionable hipsters, posing against your mosaic drinking $4 coffee and talking to someone back home about how radically adventurous they are standing on Avenue B? This is enough to make anyone volatile and abusive. Apparently, The Mosaic Man had enough. Unfortunately, he sold out to the very entity which drove him to his current state in the first place: A real estate developer.

Before he left, Power sold his domain name,, to a developer. Visit the site now and you’ll see pictures of three cranes hanging over luxury buildings under construction and the motto “World Renowned Community of Artists is Undergoing a FaceLift!”

Um, that’s one way of putting it it. Power’s new site is Why not call it

We reached out to Jim for comment. We’ll let you know.

The demise of New York City is a death by a thousand cuts.