The Schiro Tapes: The Patrick Porco Murder


In the tapes from 1997 that were first published yesterday, the prosecution’s star witness Linda Schiro tells Voice reporter Tom Robbins and mob expert Jerry Capeci that ex-FBI agent Lindley DeVecchio had nothing to do with three of the four mob murders that the Brooklyn DA was trying to pin on him before the trial this week. But mob moll Schiro does say DeVecchio did play a role in the murder of Patrick Porco.

Schiro, however, was inconsistent in what Schiro said on the stand in a Brooklyn courtroom and what she told Robbins in 1997 at her dining room table. In both instances, she said DeVecchio told her mobster boyfriend Greg “The Grim Reaper” Scarpa that Patrick Porco, the best friend of her son, Joey, was going to implicate her son in a killing on the prior Halloween. On the stand, she said DeVecchio called in the tip.

But she told Robbins that DeVecchio delivered the deadly message in person.

“Lin came to the house,” Schiro says. “And he’s telling him that Patrick will talk. So now Greg brought it up with Joey, and Joey says, ‘Come on, Dad, what are you crazy? Patrick would never do that.”

Hear Schiro on the Patrick Porco Murder here.