‘Superbug’ Hits NYU


An NYU student has been diagnosed with the kind of “superbug” staph infection that felled a Brooklyn middle-schooler last month but NYU health officials say freshman has made a full recovery and poses no threats to fellow students.

NYU officials say they thoroughly cleaned the student’s dorm, Third North Residence Hall, on Third Avenue and 10th Street, and the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, also known as MRSA, has not spread, the Washington Square News reported Monday.

Last month, Omar Rivera, a 12-year-old from Brooklyn, died after contracting MRSA. A Centers For Disease Control report issued last month said that more than 90,000 Americans contract the infection each year. A Westchester elementary school student, three students in Long Island and 10 members of an Iona College athletic team have also been recently diagnosed with the infection, Newsday reports. But the CDC report said that fatalities from the infection are not likely if the patient is otherwise healthy. The CDC published answers to frequently asked questions here.