Neo-Nazis Lose a Clubhouse


Soon after the Voice exposed a group of New Jersey white supremacists earlier this year (“A Neo-Nazi Field Trip to the Met,” June 13), the racists found themselves locked out of their usual meeting place.

An Elmwood Park, New Jersey, meeting hall, run by a patriotic men’s association called the Junior Order of American Mechanics, had been a regular venue for white-supremacist groups like the National Alliance and National Vanguard for more than 15 years. Former Klan leader and Louisiana Congressman David Duke has held court there, along with the white-supremacist teenage-sister act Prussian Blue. Most recently, it was the site of a Memorial Day barbecue for members of Stormfront, the nation’s leading white-supremacist message board. Throughout the event, Rich Lindstrom, a Junior Order member and a well-known white supremacist, played host—and apparently kept the racist content of the meetings from his higher-ups in the Order.

“We didn’t have a clue until we read the Voice article,” says Harry Thompson, the secretary treasurer for the New Jersey Junior Order. Soon after, the Junior Order head honchos did some housecleaning: They expelled Lindstrom and five fellow white supremacists for insubordination after the men ignored a request to submit a list of people who had been using the meeting hall. In July, the Junior Order heard Lindstrom’s appeal, but refused to allow him and the others back into the group. “I can’t say anything bad about Brother Lindstrom—he’s a great guy,” Thompson says. “His belief is his belief, but not in our building and not under our charter. . . . They were muddying our name.”

Thompson and other Junior Order members cleaned out the hall, turning over all the financial records, VHS tapes, and books they found there—including The Triumph of Reason: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Adolf Hitler—to the police. The building now sits empty and padlocked. Thompson says the organization is trying to figure out what exactly to do with the building and property now that the local chapter is effectively disbanded.

Meanwhile, members of Stormfront decried the expulsion on their message board as an attack on freedom of speech. “It’s a dark day for freedom in the West when the descendants of the race who built our civilization can not freely organize to protect our genetic inheritance,” wrote one poster. Another simply professed his hatred for the “white traitors” who shut the place down.